95 % of European expats can vote in their country of origin

We know that about 60 million Europeans live in another country than their country of origin.  About 20 million of them live in a member state of the European Union.

As citizens of a member state of the European Union they have a number of very important rights. They are called the rights of European Citizenship.

Voting rights in their home country is not part of European citizenship.  Voting rights in national elections are part of national law, not European law.

ETTW has made an analysis of what the national legislation in the 28 EU countries says about voting rights for citizens of those countries.(Link) 

The Citizens of Norway and of Switzerland have the same right to vote in their home countries.

The reality is that about 95 % of European citizens have the right to vote in their country of origin.  This is of huge importance.  Imagine, if a much larger part of us actually used that right – and voted.

The rules for voting are different from country to country.

ETTW will make a special effort to inform actively about these rights. Try to convince European expats to use their rights.  And also try to influence the countries to make the rules easier and better known.

Niels Jørgen Thøgersen

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