Following the election debate with all its frustrating elements of anti-immigration talk, fear of foreigners, completely misguided debate on abuse of so-called welfare benefits and social dumping it is time to get the facts right.  All this is very dangerous for the millions of expats, who every day contribute  very positively to the societies where they live.

In ETTW we much start a number of initiatives, which in clear and factual terms explain what is right and what is wrong.

One such important initiative should be to make and publish facts about how expats contribute very positively to the economy, to politics, to culture, etc., where they live. And also show many convincing cases where they also are a very positive and appreciated asset for the countries where they were born.

Another initiative could be to make European expat communities work much closer together in all countries to make our expats even more active and visible in the countries where they live.

In other words: Nothing is so bad (read: the election debate and some of the results) that it is not good for something!  It is a great occasion for us in Europeans Throughout the World to move decisively ahead to make our role and contributions much more visible and understood!

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