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Millions of Europeans are still suffering

‘The European Commission’s State of the Union speech two weeks ago had a missing chapter – Free Movement got very little attention.  Our President, Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’, has a proposal:   “Europeans Throughout the World followed with attention the State of the Union speech delivered by the President of theRead More

Foundation for the Dutch Outside the Netherlands joins ETTW

’ETTW welcomes Stichting Nederlandse Buiten Nederland (SNBN) – Foundation for the Dutch Outside the Netherlands – as a full member of our association. The SNBN is a foundation and not a traditional organization for expatriates, based on membership and fees, but successfully relies on followers and private donations. It hasRead More

Let us return to the free movement of people

Presidents of associations, parliamentarians, citizens and militants of the European cause, we have in common a life built across several countries of the European Union. The free movement of people and free establishment in another country of the EU other than ours is our joint experience. It is also ourRead More

European Citizenship – what it gives you in addition to your national citizenship

If you are a citizen in one of the member states of the EU you also enjoy the rights of having a European Citizenship.  What does that mean? The EU decided in its Maastricht Treaty from 1993 that all citizens in its member states in addition to the rights beingRead More

European Expats/Diasporas: the Current State of Affairs

Many Europeans live in another country than the one they were born in. Either for a certain period – or during most of their life. They are normally called EXPATRIATES – or EXPATS. You also use the term DIASPORAS. This was originally the name for Jews living outside Israel. ButRead More

ETTW presents Country profiles of EU Member States with information relevant for expats

In these corona times we need accessible and relevant information for expats about European countries and their diasporas more than ever. How many expatriates per country are we talking about? Which government departments and offices are responsible and which organizations deal with diaspora affairs? Today we give you the firstRead More

ETTW opinion on EU Citizenship Report 2020

Dear members and partners, At the end of 2016, ETTW submitted a much-praised opinion (enclosed) for the EU Citizenship Report 2017. These reports on Europeans’ rights as citizens of the EU are drawn up regularly by the European Commission, and the next one is scheduled to be published later inRead More