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“Should mobile EU citizens be allowed to vote in national elections in their country of residence?”

Please give your opinion – should mobile EU citizens be allowed to vote in national elections in their country of residence within the EU? Vote here: (MobileCIT question Nr. 2.) Background The freedom of movement is a fundamental EU right and EU citizenship is laid down in the EURead More

MobileCIT project – an opportunity for European mobile citizens to participate in shaping e-democracy

More than 13.7 million people live in one of the European Union Member States and hold citizenship of another European Union Member State. Usually, they have little to no involvement in the political processes of the European Union. These mobile citizens also face everyday challenges that are easily solvable butRead More

ETTW President, Steven van Laer: “We’ll build an inclusive Europe for mobile EU citizens”

ETTW has won an EU grant for our activities. The Mobile/CIT project is part of the European Commission programme Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values. With our NGO partners in the project, MyVoice (Latvia), the ECIT foundation (Brussels) and the Swedish think tank Open Knowledge (OKS) our project will digitally sourceRead More

New ETTW members

At its Board meeting on November 23rd,  ETTW welcomed two new member associations: The American Slovenian Education Foundation The organization aims to enhance Slovenian education activities and unite Slovenian scholars and educators across the globe. It offers a variety of high-impact grants and endowment programs, teaching and learning materials asRead More

Inclusive Europe for mobile EU citizens

The issue Mobile EU citizens settling in another Member State need support to ease their democratic inclusion in the host society. Currently, support is often made available to third-country nationals and mobile EU citizens as a specific group often lack sufficient support. We aim to strengthen instruments for mobile EURead More

Steven Van Laer – interim President of ETTW

ETTW President Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ steps down because of a too heavy workload in his new job. Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ led ETTW through three years of the pandemic crisis that has been particularly demanding for the European Diaspora. He will be followed as interim president by Steven van Laer, PresidentRead More

ETTW greetings in Europe Day

Beyond differences, beyond boundaries – Europe is our common interest! Let’s celebrate Europe Day together!  Europeans Throughout the World