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ETTW to launch campaign for i-voting

Many expatriates have the right to vote both in their home countries’ national elections and in elections to the European Parliament. But very few actually use that right due to outdated voting methods and complicated registration procedures At ETTW we believe it’s crucial that your voices are heard and thatRead More

Speaking out for the rights of European Expatriates

TOWARDS A COORDINATION OF EUROPEAN EXPATRIATES POLICIES – SUPPORTING THE MOBILITY OF EUROPEAN CITIZENS More than 60 million European citizens are living in a country other than their own. More than 15 million of them are living in one of the other 27 EU member states. And mobility is expectedRead More

Education and European Expats

With more and more citizens mobile (there are about 80 millions of Europeans expatriates in the world, including 14 millions in Europe), one of the challenges facing European expatriates is how to change from one school system to another. This does not mean that we should have a single EuropeanRead More

Newsletter No 13 – June 2017

News from Board and Working Groups ETTW Board meeting 20.06.2017 The ETTW working group met in May to prepare the Board meeting of June 20. It focused on the revision of the ETTW policy paper and our education priorities. The group had a thorough reading and discussion of which pointsRead More


New President of ETTW On 17th January 2017, the General Assembly of The European Throughout The World (ETTW.) unanimously elected its acting president for nearly a year, Dr Raymond Christian XERRI. Born in the United States of Maltese parents he has lived, studied, worked and/or visited nearly a hundred countriesRead More

Curriculum Vitae of Dr Raymond Xerri

Dr Raymond Xerri, Ph.D (Australia), M.A. (Dip.St.) (Malta), D.D.S., E.U.Sch. (E.U.Law) (Germany), B.A.(Hons.) (U.S.A.). was born in New York in 1969 and had his primary and secondary education in the United States and Malta (1972-1986). In 1986 he migrated to his birthplace city and there continued his post-secondary education atRead More

iVoting conference June 29, 2016 – Press Release

European expats must have option of online voting  Public hearing reveals concerns about disenfranchisement of overseas voters due to outdated voting systems EU referendum highlights voting challenges faced by expats Brussels, 29th June 2016 At a public meeting in the European Parliament, experts, campaigners and politicians called for action toRead More