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ETTW: Engaging mobile EU citizens in governance

Mobile EU citizens are a valuable civic ressource when it comes to providing a fresh look and a broader European perspective at the local and national governance issues in their host country, as well as in the country of origin. Even while residing abroad, mobile EU citizens keep their fundamentalRead More

ETTW – A bridge between the EU and the Council of Europe in building a Pan European Diaspora Policy?

ETTW President Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ : “We need a Pan-European Diaspora policy”. One of ETTW’s top priorities is advocating a Pan-European diaspora policy to the benefit of the more than 18 million European Expatriate citizens living in the EU. In several individual European countries active diaspora policies are being drawnRead More

Invitation to support the EU citizens’ initiative on Permanent European Citizenship

ETTW has received an invitation from ECIT (European Citizens Right Involvement and Trust) to participate in an EU European Citizens’ Initiative about permanent European Citizenship. At its meeting on December 4th, our Board decided to actively support the initiative and encouraged member organizations to recommend their expats to sign theRead More

Practical Update No 3 – update June 9

  This is my first practical update for the spring. I will briefly mention initiatives taken during the last 5 months, which I suppose are of interest to our members, candidate members, our partners and other friends of European expats. [membership level=”1″] My visit to Riga, March 11-12, 2014: ThisRead More


[level-registered-users] Follow-up to our Board meeting on February 28 : Please, go through the operational conclusions from our Board meeting – and do the necessary agreed follow-up.  There are a number of important points for each member as well as for  the members of the daily steering committee. Our Office inRead More


[level-registered-users] The social network LinkedIn : As many of you will know LinkedIn is a free social network, which in particular is used for professional, business and organisational purposes. We have now started two special ETTW groups on LinkedIn: One closed group – only for people on invitation (the Bureau membersRead More

PRACTICAL  UPDATE  NO 1 from The President :

[level-registered-users] This is my first Practical Update about our work in ETTW. I intend to circulate it to members of the Bureau and others who are directly involved at regular intervals. The purpose is to ensure openness and transparency in what we are doing. And you are, of course, mostRead More