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Newsletter N°15 – December 2017

News from Board and Working Groups  Current issues  Expatriates’ homecoming continues to be problematic, especially with partners from third countries. And the high political tensions around migration makes it difficult to find fair solutions. Nevertheless, Danes Worldwide has had constructive, if difficult, contacts with the Danish Government about the issuesRead More

Newsletter N°14 – September 2017

News from Board and Working Groups ETTW Board meeting 19 September 2017  The Board met for the first time after the summer break on September 19. and had several important topics on the agenda. Consequences for expatriates of the demographic development in most European countries.  ETTW members had had aRead More

Newsletter N° 13 – June 2017

News from Board and Working Groups ETTW Board meeting 20.06.2017 The ETTW working group met in May to prepare the Board meeting of June 20. It focused on the revision of the ETTW policy paper and our education priorities. The group had a thorough reading and discussion of which pointsRead More

Newsletter N°12 – April 2017

News from Board and Working Groups ETTW Board meeting 22 March 2017 Joining the Fight for Europe   ETTW has received a request to join the European initiative, Europe’s People’s Forum which aims to organize permanent citizens’ fora with selected, representative participation of citizens from all EU member states in debatesRead More

Newsletter N°11 – January 2017

 News from Board and Working Groups  Report from the ETTW Board Meeting and General Assembly  January 17, 2017.  New President for ETTW elected  On 17th January 2017, the General Assembly of The Europeans Throughout The World (ETTW) unanimously elected its acting president for nearly a year, Dr Raymond Christian XERRI. Read More

Newsletter N°10 – November/December 2016

News from Board and Working Groups The November Board meeting was scheduled to be held in Luxembourg in connection with the EUROSTAT conference on social statistics. However as it proved difficult logistically to organize the meeting in parallel with the conference, which had expanded its focus on migration statistics, itRead More

Newsletter N°9 – September/October 2016

News from Board and Working Groups  ETTW Board meeting 29th September 2016  The ETTW Board had a thorough discussion on the follow-up to the successful conference on i-voting in the European Parliament on June 22. The important presence at the conference confirmed the great interest in i-voting as a meansRead More