Voting rights

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Most European Expatriates have the right to vote both in their home country and un elections to the European Parliament. But very few of them actually use that right due to outdates voting methods and complicated registration procedures.

I-voting or internet-voting has proved to be an easy, efficient and secure way of voting online

I-voting was already introduced in Estonia in 2007 and statistics show that the number of people voting online in Estonia continues to grow with every election.

A Eurobarometer survey after the last European Elections in 2014 showed that 2/3 of European citizens find that internet voting would make it more likely that they would participate in democratic elections in the future.

ETTW believes it’s time for action and will promote i-voting in all EU member states.



The European elections are over. Only 43,1 % voted. Though it is 0,1 % more than five years ago it is not good enough. But this is one issue. For us in ETTW it is much more interesting to find out, how many expats were voting in the countries, whereRead More

Canada now recognises the right of all their expats to vote – for life!

A court ruling in Canada had  said that the limitations for Canadian expats to vote in national Canadian elections are “arbitrary and unreasonable”.  Therefore, as of May 13, 2014 all Canadian expats worldwide can vote and be cantidates in national elections in Canada – for life. No limitations any more.  Read More


REMEMBER TO VOTE! Do you want to have a say? Do you want to influence, who will govern Europe the coming five years?  Then DO vote in the European elections.  And remember: If you do not vote, you do not have a good moral right to critisise those, who getRead More

1000 Reasons Why You Should Vote