European Young Expats – Discussion Points


Young European expats

Discussion points

  1. EU Citizenship for young people abroad – what does it mean?


  1. Voting rights – young voters initiatives


  1. Job search  (EURES, etc.)


  1. Job security


  1. Mutual recognition of diplomas  (also in non-academic fields)


  1. Easier and cheaper transport


  1. Civic activities across borders  (à la Peace Corps, etc.)


  1. Goodwill Ambassadors for Europe


  1. European Schools


  1. Activities for young expats already done by our ETTW member associations


Many of the 80 mio. European expats are young people. And they will be more and more. They more around more than the rest ofg us. And they have in many ways their own problems.
ETTW wants to find out what European Citizenship means to them. And what we and Europe can do about it.
Therefore, we have just started a special Working Group with very motivated and experienced young people from around Europe.  That group will prepare operational proposals, which we then we do all we can to implement.  We will make Europe work particularly hard for young people.
And one important point more: the coming Italian EU presidency will give priority to YOUTH.  We will help them have sucess with that.