ETTW – a European choir

I write from Denmark. Let me introduce myself. I worked for many years as a simultaneous interpreter in the European communities. Went to Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxemburg and the rest of Europe to help Europeans understand each other. Now I have made it my business to work on projects that involve building bridges across personal, professional and cultural differences.

This is also what ETTW is all about. Making a positive difference for Europeans globally. Understanding the incredible potential in apprecitating and activating differences towards common goals.

ETTW is mobilising good people to work on a wide number of obvious points for collaboration. I hope it will be possible to create a movement where Europeans can do whatever they enjoy the most – and then include a European perspective in natural and engaging ways.

Think of ETTW as a choir. We need to find out which repertoire we want to sing. For what audience. How to sing to get a full house. And then also enjoy fantastic solos on the way.

Look forward to working with you.

best regards

Povl Henningsen

39, Sondrupvej 39, 8350 Hundslund, Denmark

+45 21757509


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