ETTW – latest Board meeting and General Assembly, March 10, 2016

ETTW Board Meeting and General Assembly, March 10, 2016.

Change of Guard

On March 10, the ETTW had to say thank you and good bye to its very active President during the last two and a half years, Niels Thøgersen. Niels Thøgersen has decided to stop as ETTW President and concentrate on his new project, Saving Europe.

The ETTW regretted his decision but took note of the fact and appointed Raymond Xerri, Council of Maltese Abroad, as acting President until the next meeting in June, where electing a new President will be on the agenda.

The ETTW also decided to nominate Steen Illeborg, Danes Worldwide, as new Secretary General and Marie-Claude Hayoit as Deputy Secretary General.

The ETTW Board discussed its objectives and priorities and not least the future funding of its projects. It was agreed to underline the ETTW’s primary function as a forum for exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices of its member organizations and to currently review its prime projects in this perspective.

The Board confirmed the importance to the ETTW of its prioritized projects:

– Follow-up to the ETTW opinion on the EU citizenship report 2016;

– Its proposal to President Juncker to launch a structured European public debate about the right of free movement;

– Its project with the EP and major European companies on i-voting for the next European elections in 2019

– Its educational initiatives of relevance for expats,

– Its project for monitoring European Court of Justice rulings with consequences for the free movement of citizens, and

– Its project with EUROSTAT to co-organize a major forum on migration statistics in Luxembourg in November 2016.