ETTW opinion on EU Citizenship Report 2020

Dear members and partners,

At the end of 2016, ETTW submitted a much-praised opinion (enclosed) for the EU Citizenship Report 2017.

These reports on Europeans’ rights as citizens of the EU are drawn up regularly by the European Commission, and the next one is scheduled to be published later in 2020.

The responsible DG of the Commission, DG JUST, has expressed an interest in receiving input on the upcoming report from ETTW at this stage.

Because of the Coronavirus situation, we’ll try to do that via an online consultation of members and partners.

So, you are asked to go through the ETTW opinion and the Commission’s report,  link:   

and make relevant comments from the point of view of European expatriates as to how these rights should be administered, supplemented or changed in view of European diasporas’ situation today.

The drawing up of our new opinion should have started yesterday at the Board meeting which we had to postpone indefinitely due to the Corona/Covid-19 crisis.

Instead, we would like to ask you for your comments, suggestions and proposals to be sent to us by mail  –  or  – or via our Facebook account by April 15.