ETTW participates in European Parliament Hearing on the state of European citizenship in 2020

The hearing was organized by four of the most important standing Parliament committees – JURI,LIBE,AFCO and PETI –  and was entitled ‘Union Citizenship: Empowerment, Inclusion, Participation’. After the hearing – in November-December – the Commission will publish its European Citizenship Report 2020.

ETTW submitted its formal opinion related to the report by October 1st.
Here we underlined the importance of supporting Citizens’ rights and European values – especially the rights to Free Movement and the democratic participation of the the European diaspora – in these difficult times.

Participating in the first panel of the hearing on ‘Union Citizenship as a Tangible value for Citizens on the Ground’, ETTW secretary general Steen Illeborg focused on the serious challenge the pandemic has proved to be for the European diaspora..

He presented  the concrete proposals made in the opinion, stressing the value of the diaspora to the EU and the need to include all European citizens wherever they live.’
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