ETTW programme for the first six months of 2022

The first board meeting of 2022 is scheduled to take place – virtually, of course – on February 15.

The theme of the meeting will be a follow-up to the webinar last year on how to better engage the European diaspora – politically, culturally, and more practically – in the actual voting process. So, we have asked the (relatively) new pan-European political movement, VOLT, to give a presentation of how they work in practice.

Thematic meetings and seminars

As you may remember, in 2021 we held several thematic seminars on a series of important subjects of relevance for expatriate European citizens.

On February 28th we’ll present the next one, entitled:


It’ll take place on Monday, February 28th from 10.00 – 12.30 and be moderated by the president of the European Latvian Association, Elina Pinto.

There will be a presentation of the French EU presidency’s strategic perspectives on this topic, followed by best practices from journalists working in the field, the media industry, and national perspectives. Funding will also be a theme.


We hope to be able to set up at least two more thematic sem(web)inars before the summer vacation.

1). Education and distance learning. How to use the digital experience from the pandemic in strengthening the teaching of the home countries’ culture and language.

2). Strategically targeting different segments of the diaspora – the youth, “the big fish”, the seniors, the professionals etc. How to do it: theories, experiences, and best practices.

3). Voter registration and voting procedures. Proposals made and actual results concerning voter registration and actual voting for mobile citizens.