ETTW’s president, Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ wishes everyone a Happy New Year, despite the crisis

‘Join us, we’ll get through this together’
Dear members and partners, dear European expats everywhere,
The world has been facing an unprecedented health crisis for almost a year. The number of victims unfortunately exceeds millions. Yet, human genius has made possible the development and authorization of vaccines in a record time. One has to hope that they will be administered as quickly as possible to enable humanity to emerge from this nightmare in the course of 2021 and tackle the profound economic and social crisis resulting from the pandemics.
Women, men and children who live in a country other than the one of their nationality continue to suffer from restrictions on free movement. These restrictions translate into prolonged estrangements of young children from one of their parents or of elderly parents from their grown-up children. This is heartbreaking. We at ETTW are committed to making this cause our collective fight and to defending the rights of the 60+ million mobile Europeans living abroad.
We will put all our heart into this fight in 2021. Join us! Happy New Year to everyone, despite the crisis. Together, we will get through this.

Pierre-Yves Le Borgn