MobileCIT project – an opportunity for European mobile citizens to participate in shaping e-democracy

More than 13.7 million people live in one of the European Union Member States and hold citizenship of another European Union Member State. Usually, they have little to no involvement in the political processes of the European Union. These mobile citizens also face everyday challenges that are easily solvable but are little known to people who live in their country of citizenship.

The MobileCIT project is aimed at this population group. The project proposes 14 carefully selected issues that are characteristic of mobile citizens and that can be solved if EU citizens explicitly express a wish to solve them. You can do this by voting on the online platform

The collected responses will be used by MobileCIT project partners to lobby for the resolution of the raised issues in the institutions of the European Union and Council of Europe.

We will compile the outcome of the voting by February 2024 and inform you about the result!