Mobility is key – a conference for international HR professionals

On Thursday, October 3, Vlamingen in de Wereld held its annual conference Mobility is Key focused on HR professionals and international mobility managers. This year the theme of the English conference was ‘New strategies for employers regarding expatriate retention, remuneration & health.’

In today’s global economy, having a workforce that is fluent in the ways of the world isn’t a luxury. It’s a competitive necessity. No wonder a lot of midsize and large companies currently send professionals abroad. But international assignments don’t come cheap. On average, expatriates cost two to three times what they would in an equivalent position back home. It makes sending the right people key.

Employers struggle with attracting new talent and retaining valuable employees. Many companies are investing in competitive terms of employment and benefits. But an attractive remuneration policy only achieves its objectives if all employees know and understand its components.

The conference offered the 85 attendees the unique opportunity to equip themselves with the best possible tools and knowledge regarding some challenging goals related to retention, remuneration and health. With interactive talks, case studies, keynote sessions and networking opportunities, the conference was a perfect fit for professionals looking to network and wanting to exchange experiences on the latest strategies and technologies available to improve and shape the future of the global mobility industry.

The following topics were discussed: Global mobility survey, Lumpsum, Remuneration policy as a strategic instrument, Financial information exchange, Transfer corporate culture, The power of interculturalism, Relocation vs. retention, Social security and Health insurance.

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