New ETTW members

At its Board meeting on November 23rd,  ETTW welcomed two new member associations:

  1. The American Slovenian Education Foundation

The organization aims to enhance Slovenian education activities and unite Slovenian scholars and educators across the globe. It offers a variety of high-impact grants and endowment programs, teaching and learning materials as well as international exchange of students and faculty. It also strives to support and coordinate business and investment opportunities in Slovenia and other central and Eastern European countries.

  1. The Non-profit Association:Economic Cooperation and Investment For Latvia, EsiLV.

The association has as its objective to promote the sustainable development of the Latvian economy by engaging entrepreneurs, investors professionals and sceintists of the Latvian diaspora. And to ensure cooperation, economic engagememt, knowledge transfer and promote innovation. It also aims to strengthen ccoperation between regions in Latvia and abroad.