Let’s Build 2022 together!

It has been two years since the world entered the Covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people have lost their lives, hundreds of millions of others have been seriously ill or remain ill. An unprecedented economic crisis ensued, triggering poverty and despair around the globe. Borders between countries closed. As European mobile citizens, we not only witnessed this situation, we experienced it in our daily lives. We were prevented for months to cross borders and see our elderly parents, our children and our families. We measured like never before how precious and fragile mobility is.
ETTW brings together national and regional organizations representing diasporas. Our ambition is to share experience about our lives abroad. There are opportunities, there are challenges too. The past two years brought sufficient evidence of this. Our duty is to reflect together, offering proposals and ideas benefiting diasporas to the consideration of EU institutions and national authorities: mutual recognition of diplomas, cross-border pensions, European citizenship, right to vote, security, among critical topics. We will carry on this task ambitiously over the year 2022.
Join us!
Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’