POLITICAL UPDATE NO. 1 from the President:


A)  The European Year of Citizens 2013:  website:  http://europa.eu/citizens-2013/


This year is about coming to a close. It has brought a lot of very interesting activities in all EU member states, and you have most likely been involved in some of them.


The closing conference for the year will take place in Vilnius later this week ( Dec. 12-13).   I enclose the programme for your information.


I will afterwards mail you information on the main outcome and follow-up.


The year 2014 is no special year. It is therefore open for the implementation of the lessons and proposals from this year.


Some of the main European activities in 2014 are – as you know:


* the elections to the European Parliament on May 22-25

* the European Council in June when the new Commission president is nominated

* the constitutive session of the new European Parliament: July 1-3

* the start of the new European Commission:  November 1.


B) The EU Citizenship Report 2013  (presented by the Commission on May 8)


You have it in English, French and German here:


–          EN:  http://ec.europa.eu/justice/citizen/files/com_2013_269_en.pdf

–          FR:  http://ec.europa.eu/justice/citizen/files/com_2013_269_fr.pdf

–          DE:  http://ec.europa.eu/justice/citizen/files/com_2013_269_de.pdf

It is a very interesting and rich document, which addresses most of our priorities in ETTW.


The Commission has selected 12 priorities which it right now is working on implementing. I enclose the list of these priorities.


At their meeting last week the Council of Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs welcomed the proposals and work of the Commission.   See the enclosed conclusions from the Council meeting on Dec. 6.


C)  Special website in the Commission’s Directorate-General Justice:


E-Justice Portal (in many languages):   



I believe it is very useful for our expatriates.


D)  Special HANDBOOK on EU Citizenship:


The Commission will on May 9, 2014 (Europe Day) present a Handbook on the citizenship rights and in particular their electoral rights. It will be in clear and simple language.


E)  The European elections in May 2014:


I strongly believe that expats whereever they live should be actively encouraged to take part in the European elections next year.  The national laws about their right to take part are different from member state to member state.  I am right now collecting the facts about that from all 28 EU countries.  When I have that in place I will come back to you with suggestions on what we in ETTW and our member associations can do.



I hope this information is useful to you.  Much of it is certainly of major importance to our future work in ETTW.



Niels Jørgen Thøgersen [/level-registered-users]