[level-registered-users] December 22, 2013 

  1. The European Year of Citizens:

The year has now come to a close at a big conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

You can find out more about it at this link:


We will in January get some of the reports and suggestions for follow-up from the conference.

The important conclusion from the year is that it in a way will continue. A number of follow-up actions will take place also in 2014.

I believe that the enclosed contribution from EYCA is very interesting.

  1. The European elections May 2014 – and European expats:

With the help of good contacts all over Europe I have made an update of the situation in all 28 EU member states:  Which countries allow their citizens to vote wherever they live in the world?  Which ones accept them to vote, if the live in another EU country?  And which ones do not allow them to vote in European elections at all?

I will circulate my final report in early January.

On the basis of that we and our members should launch an initiative to stimulate as many expatriates as possible to vote in May.

Please, start thinking of efficient initiatives and tools in this campaign.

  1. European observatory on citizenship:  http://eudo-citizenship.eu/

We should also work closely with them.  I have taken contact to them.

  1. European Movement:  ETTW is a member of the international European Movement.  They and their other members have a number of very interesting activities for us, such as SOLIDAR’s activities for home coming expats.

I have asked George Vlachopoulos to follow  the European Movement. Enclosed his report from the first meeting he took part in earlier this month.


Niels Jørgen Thøgersen [/level-registered-users]