PRACTICAL  UPDATE  NO 1 from The President :


This is my first Practical Update about our work in ETTW. I intend to circulate it to members of the Bureau and others who are directly involved at regular intervals. The purpose is to ensure openness and transparency in what we are doing.

And you are, of course, most welcome to make comments and questions to it – and to suggest points to add to the next edition.

Niels Jørgen Thøgersen

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  1. The operational Minutes from the Board meeting on November 15:  Our secretary-general Marie Claude Hayoit de Termicourt will finalise them this week together with Nicholas Newman
  2. The new statutes for ETTW:  they will be published in Moniteur Belge in the very near future. Coordination:  Marie Claude (in charge), Ria Heremans, Nicholas Newman, Koen van der Schaeghe
  3. Our finances:  Our new treasurer Paschalis Papachristopoulos will together with the previous treasurer make a precise update before Christmas.  And the necessary transfer of the mandates vis-à-vis our bank will also be done before the holidays
  4. Our list of members:  Nicholas Newman has asked to comments and corrections to the present list. Deadline: Dec. 6.  So the up-to-date list is about to be ready
  5. Our website   Nicholas Newman has at my request prolonged it for a year and cleaned it for malware.  I have received the necessary codes. With my long communication background, also in web communication, I intend to make a plan for its future structure and contents  (with suggestions welcome from you all, of course).
  6. LinkedIn:  I am planning also a special LinkedIn site (external and internal). More to follow soon.
  7. Facebook:  We already have a Facebook site for ETTW:

We are also looking at that one to ensure that it in the future will be fully integrated into our coming pro-active and very visible communication effort.

  1. Rolling Calendar (online) on coming events of interest to ETTW:  To be launched in January
  2. Media News of interest to ETTW:  a pilot project to be started in a few days by George Vlachopoulos – in cooperation with me.  It will bring short versions of interesting articles, interviews ´, etc.  The final form and dissimination to be decided later after a trial period among ourselves
  3. Transparency Register: our registration in the EU Transparency Register ( to be updated to ensure that we are becoming a hearing partner for the EU, and that we and our expertise and priorities are well known throughout the EU institutions. Action: I will handle that.
  4. Our membership of other organizations:  George Vlachopoulos is this afternoon at my request taking part in a meeting called by the European Movemnet for all its members, which are international associations. This is the first meeting of that sort. I will circulate George’s minutes after the meeting.
  5. My practical working methods:
  • I have already met and/or spoken to most of the members of the Bureau. Very useful indeed. On the basis of these talks I will prepare the next steps
  • So far I have prepared 4 draft papers:

–        A short presentation of European expats and of ETTW

–        Our 4-year Strategy for 2014-17

–        Our more detailed Work programme for 2014

–        An overview of what I believe we have to offer our member associations to ensure that we at ETTW are really an added value for them

–        I will update these papers based on the input I already got from our talks or in writing – and the talks I still am going to have

  • To start the agreed small Working Group with a few people from inside and a few from outside in the second half of January. I will chair this group. My aim is to finalise its recommendation by the end of March at the latest.


Niels Jørgen Thøgersen [/level-registered-users]