1. The social network LinkedIn :

As many of you will know LinkedIn is a free social network, which in particular is used for professional, business and organisational purposes.

We have now started two special ETTW groups on LinkedIn:

  • One closed group – only for people on invitation (the Bureau members and others involved in our work). Its name is: ETTW VIP

Its purpose is the facilitate fast and easy internal information between us all

  • Another one for everybody:  Name:  Europeans Throughout The World

Its purpose is to reach out to the LinkedIn public at large – 260 million. Many of them are European expats.

  • I kindly ask you to join LinkedIn as soon as possible, if you are not already a member of this free network. I enclose a description of it, which I have written.
  • When you have joined you can easily find out two groups by seaching them under each of their names in the Search box.
  • Our present website continue to be under the address: 
  • As we want to reach out to many more people, not least young people around the world we are creating a new multifuntional website with easy access also from mobile devices, with Google Hangout service, You Tube,  and much more.
  • It is being contructed under the web address:    Of course, it makes at the moment a reference to our old website to ensure that nobody will try to visit us in vain.  More information in January.
  • SKYPE: as we are dispatched all over Europe I want us to use the free SKYPE service as much as possible in our conferences. From my other tasks I am very much used to chair conferences with several participants at SKYPE conferences.This will save us all time and resources.  So if you are not a member of this free service, please register. It is very easy.  I enclose a note, I have written about how. Please, let me know, when you are in.
  1. Our web sites:
  1. Our member organisations:

I have made new progress in contact to relevant ministries, parliamentarians and organisations in Germany, Spain, Poland and Portugal.  I will pursue them in January. Our aim is, of course, to have member organisations in all European countries as soon as possible.

  1. Special effort for YOUNG European expatriats:

I have also established contacts to leaders of a couple of very big and very active youth organisations and movements in Europe. They are very keen in helping us in our work.


Niels Jørgen Thøgersen

December 22, 2013  [/level-registered-users]