1. Follow-up to our Board meeting on February 28 :

Please, go through the operational conclusions from our Board meeting – and do the necessary agreed follow-up.  There are a number of important points for each member as well as for  the members of the daily steering committee.

  1. Our Office in Fondation Universitaire, 11, rue d’Egmont, B-1000 Bruxelles

We are at the moment « upgrading » our office technically and operationally. We aim at having a fully fonctioning office there as soon as possible. Please, remember to put our office on your mailing lists to ensure that we have your newest publications – for mutual inspiration

  1. Our short ETTW promotion flyer  ETTW – ABOUT US

See enclosed the final version in English. You are most welcome to use it as you wish. And I hope you will help us having it in as many other languages as possible (for our website, etc.)

  1. Our weekly Media Reports

As you know thay are handled by George Vlachopoulos. If you do not get them already and want to have them, please send George a mail about it:

  1. Our online media monitor for ETTW:

As you are already informed the address is: 

I am still waiting for your suggestions for key words and combinations of key words, which this automatic monitor can use to identify the most interesting articles in the 4.000 online media it checks every 10 minutes.

And some of you also wanted EMM to monitor your regular on-line publications. In order to be able to do that I need to have the link to the publication you want it to monitor

  1. Our  ETTW social media sites

We have since some time our own social media sites:

LinkedIn:   group:  Europeans Throughout the World

Facebook:  group:   Europeans Throughout the World

Twitter:     @euromonde1  

The purpose is to present our goals and our activities – and contribute to the ongoing debate on our priorities.

PS :  Please, take active part on these sites!   It makes no sense that I continue to be almost the only contributer !

  1. Our new multifunctional, mobile website

I am still working hard together with Henrik Blicher to get it right. We are waiting for some special graphics and also more contributions.

Some of you have already seen the “building site” off-line.

We plan to go live with the full site early April.

  1. A number of active supporters to assist us in the further development of our work

I have the happy message for all of us that a handful of active supporters have agreed to help us in the further development of our work. Such as:

Ramon Jimenez Fraile (ex head of unit in the EU Council) – will assist in the work with the EU institutions and with relations to Spanish organisations and individuals

Giuseppe Rosin (ex head of unit in the Commission) – will assist in our work with the EU instistutions and with relations with Italian organisations and individuals

Steen Illeborg  (ex director in the Committee of the Regions) – will assist in our work with the EU institutions

Ingeline Bonde  (active member of Danes Worldwide and manager in international communication company) – will assist in service to our member organisations

Marina Buna, Ruben Loodts, Kris Snick and Katharina Lawall  – will help us in our special work for young European expats

More good people will join us very soon – incl. a colleague with special experience in the European Parliament.


  1. Payment of the membership fees

This is being handled by our treasurer.  If any questions, please contact him directly: 

  1. Coming visits to other organisations by me:

March 18:  visit to our Austrian colleagues in Vienna:  Auslandsösterreicher-Weltbund. Meeting with Mr. Irmgard Helperstorfer, general-secretary   (I will be in Vienna for private reasons)

April 9:      visit to our French member organisation Mission Laïque Francaise in Paris:  meeting with MM. Yves Aubin de la Messuzière, président, Jean-Christophe Deberre, directeur-general, and Bernard Mis, secretaire-general.  We will in particular discuss our plans for special efforts for young European expats and how Mission Laïque Francaise can assist actively in that work

April or May:  visit to our Swiss colleagues in Berne – ASO – Auslandschweizer Organisation

Mid May:  visit to the coming Italian EU presidency and to a new expat-relevant Italian organisation in Rome (I will be in Rome for private reasons)

  1. Calendar on coming activities of interest to expats

Please, remember to mail me events to include in the next edition of the Calendar

PS:  I look for a person to take over as editor and manager of the Calendar. Who volunteers?

  1. Our next Board meeting on April 11, at 11.00

As decided our next Board meeting will take place on April 11 at 11.00 (forllowed by a reception at 16.00) – all in Fondation Universitaire, 11, rue d’Egmont, 1000 Bruxelles.

The key topics at the agenda will be: 

  • Updates since last Board meeting
  • The European elections campaign
  • The preparations for a European Policy for the diaspora (Commission, European Parliament, the presidencies, not least our agreement with the coming Latvian presidency, etc.)
  • Our plans for a special effort for young European expats (incl. a special working group)
  • Plans for our future organisation and finance (sponsoring, etc.), incl. the mandate for the special working group
  • Mid-term report on the Greek EU presidency by Mr. Kostas Pappas, counsellor at the Greek Permanent Representation in Brussels  (esp. about the Consular Protection dossier).


Niels Jørgen Thøgersen

March 17, 2014    [/level-registered-users]