Vaccinations, expats voting in their country of origin and respect of EU citizens’ rights across Europe’s borders

ETTW’s Board met January 21 to exchange views and decide on these issues which have been accentuated by the present Corona crisis.


The rolling out of the individual EU member states’ vaccination schemes often leaves European diasporas in difficult situations as to where, when and how to get the precious jabs.


Next year the European Commission will update the rules of voting rights of mobile EU citizens and fund projects on independent election observation and projects that support European citizens’ engagement.


It will also revise the EU Guidelines on free movement in order to improve the legal certainty of EU citizens when they travel, study or work in another member state.


The ETTW  Board decided to address these important questions for the European diaspora with direct appeals and concrete proposals.


You can follow our work with these questions both on our website and on facebook .