Visit to Friuli

This week I made a visit – together with our treasurer Giuseppe Rosin – to the region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia in the northeast of Italy. The purpose was to visit the big expat organisation FRIULI NEL MONDO and its leadership, incl. its president, Mr. Pietro Pittaro.  And also to meet the political and academic leaders in the region.

The visit was very successful, and everybody supported the objectives and action plans of Europeans Throughout the World.

Friuli nel Mondo was founded in 1953 and has 153 branches (fogulars) all over the world. About 4 million Friulian expats live in other countries.

Friuli nel Mondo will from now on play a very active role in our work for all 80 million European expatraiates.

Niels Jørgen ThøgersenFriuli nel Mondo - Pittaro - NJT