Conference on: How to Improve Intra-European Mobility and Circular Migration? Fostering Diaspora Engagement


On 11–12 May, ETTW co-hosted a conference with the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, where  a group of international experts proposed policy recommendations for European institutions on the issues of mobility and engagement with the diaspora at the conference entitled “How to Improve Intra-European Mobility and Circular Migration?

Press release:

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Panel 1:  Labour mobility in the EU: from fundamental right to freedom of movement to a more efficient allocation of labour resources?

Presentation by Dr. Yves Pascouau, Director of Migration and Mobility Policies, European Policy Centre

Presentation: Labour Mobility in the EU: facts, figures and way forward

by mr Jörg Tagger, Deputy Head of Unit:  “Free Movement of Workers and   Coordination of Social Security Systems”

PANEL II: Macro-economic aspects of people’s mobility

Presentation by  Mr. Walter Radermacher, Director General, Eurostat, European Commission


Presentation by Mr. Jonathan Chaloff, International Migration Division, OECD

Presentation by Raul Eamets,University of Tartu,Fiscal Council of Estonia

The Economic Impact of Migration on the Destination and Sending Country

Presentation by Prof. Mihails Hazans, University of Latvia, Research Fellow at the Institute for
the Study of Labor (IZA, Bonn) – Post 2000 Emigration from Poland and the Baltics

PANEL III: Social, cultural and perception aspects of mobility

Presentation by Ms. Klára Fóti, Research Manager, Living Conditions and Quality of Life, Eurofound

The Social Dimension of Intra-Eu Mobility: Impact on Public Services

Presentation by Mrs. Ylva Tivéus, Member of Board, Europeans Throughout The World

Social, Cultural and Perception Aspects of MObility
A European Year for Mobile Citizens


Intra-Eu mobility: State of play Commission actions to strengthen free movement

Ms. Marie-Hélène Boulanger, Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Justice and
Consumers, Unit C2, Union Citizenship Rights and Free movement, European Commission