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Date:                                    October 15, 2019

Country:                              SPAIN

Number of expats:


  • Spanish expats abroad:                    2,5 million
  • EU/EEA citizens living in Spain:      1,9 million



Government and expats:


  • Politically responsible for relations with Spanish citizens abroad:


Secretary of state for migrations, etc.:   Mrs. Consuelo Rumi


  • Secretary of state for Global Spain:        Mrs. Irene Lozano




  • General Council of the Spanish Citizens Abroad 


Mrs. Yolanda Gómez Echevarría, deputy director in the secretariat of

State for migrations ( and in particular dealing with Spanish diaspora )

           Yolanda Gómez Echevarría

           Subdirectora General de Emigración

           Dirección General de Migraciones

           Secretaría General de Inmigración y Emigración

           Secretaría de Estado de Migraciones

           DIR3: EA0021768

           Arturo Soria 126, Edif. A, 2ª planta

           ES – 28043 Madrid

            Teléfono +34913636161

            E-mail:        ( in Spanish )


Each of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions has a Council for citizens living abroad.   The leaders of these 17 Councils meet regularly with the General Council in Madrid.


Please feel free to contact her (in Spanish) regarding the activities of the General Council of the Spanish Citizens Abroad, or in order to pose any other inquiry, attend a meeting or schedule an appointment with the members of the General Council or the Ministry.


Expat organisations and associations:


Personal contacts:


Expat related websites:    


NJT – 15 10 2019