ETTW – Strategy 2014-2017



  1. Develop a strategy and proposals for a European emigrant policy for Europeans inside EU as well as outside
  2. Promote the idea of having a Commissioner, who is also responsible for diaspora affairs – and also to have it included in the tasks of one of the committees in the European Parliament
  1. 3.      Ensure voting rights for all European expats (in country of birth, in country of residence, and for everybody in European elections)


  1. 4.      Extend the possibility for dual citizenship to all EU member states and beyond


  1. 5.      Promote the existence and the creation of public structures to assist European expats in all countries


  1. 6.      Organise formal and informal relationships with the European institutions, including the right to be consulted in matters of importance to expats


  1. 7.      Work with each EU presidency on our priority issues


  1. 8.      Contribute to more concrete assistance also to European expats outside Europe (in addition to consular protection, etc.)


  1. 9.      Develop an efficient and added-value concrete service to our member organizations


  1. 10.  Organise an efficient exchange of Best Practices in work for expatriats


  1. 11.  Develop models for cooperation between expat organizations in each country


  1. 12.  Cooperate systematically with research institutes, opinion poll organisations and media monitoring services to collect information of relevance to our work


  1. 13.  Take initiative to the launch of Studies in areas of interest to expats


  1. 14.  Give special priority to young European expats and their special problems (students, researchers,  innovators, start-ups, etc.)


  1. 15.  Study the idea of Goodwill Ambassadors for Europe  (among expats in Europe and worldwide)


  1. 16.  Ensure a much better financial basis for the organization and its work (in addition to membership fees work on sponsorships, crowd funding, etc.)


  1. 17.  Develop a pro-active visibility and communication policy