Promotion for expats
Vlamingen in de Wereld:

1. Hereby you find the questions we asked the Flemish political parties, so they can
promote themselves with expat-related issues:

Present the program of your party, free of charge, using a maximum of 2.500
characters (spaces included) and clarify for example your views on:
2. • Participation to the regional elections for Flemish people living abroad
3. • Desirability of a minister designated to compatriots abroad
4. • Supporting lessons Dutch and Flemish culture for school-age children of
Flemish expatriates living abroad
5. • Facilitating the reentering of children of Flemish expatriates by means of
English courses
6. • Raising the validity of the international passport from seven to ten years
7. • The vision on the future of Dienst Overzeese Sociale Zekerheid
8. • Engaging expatriates in foreign diplomacy and economical networking

United Kingdom government: (Video message by minister):

European Movement: A 1000 Reasons to vote:

European Citizens Abroad: