Join Forces for Europe’s 80 Mio. Expatriates

Europeans Throughout the World – Les Européens dans le Monde is a pan-European umbrella organisation, which works at a European level for all European expats. It does not replace the national and other associations of expats. It is an added-value to them – helping them to make Europe work actively for our millions of expats in Europe and all over the world.
Any organisation, association, club, network or individual, who supports its basic principles. can become a member.
Some of ETTW’s basic principles are voting rights to all expats in national, regional, local and European elections (inside the EU). The possibility for dual citizenship in all countries. Better protection of Europeans living outside Europe. Special efforts for young European expats.

What can ETTW offer its members?

• Direct access to and cooperation with European and other institutions
• Hearing rights in EU institutions on all issues of interest to expatriats
• Cooperation with EU presidencies on expats affairs
• Regular Fact Sheets on important topics of interest to all expat organisations
• Media monitoring of European media on expat related affairs
• Cooperation with researchers at universities and think tanks across Europe
• Assistance in cooperation between European networks of schools, cultural institutions, etc.
• Active exchange of best practices in expat affairs in different countries ( on explaining the value of expats, on service to expats, on regular meetings of expat parliaments etc., on assistance to home-comers, and much more)
• Preparations for a European Year of the Diaspora 2016
• Joint work for sponsoring, corporate memberships, crowdfunding, etc.

How can you become a member of ETTW?

• Apply for membership – either as a full member (associations of European expatriats of a member state of the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). These associations may be national, regional or pursuing specific goals in line with those of the association. Or associate member (associations, organisations or individual citizens of the countries referred to above, which do not fall into the categories mentioned therein; correspondent organisations and European clubs pursuing specific goals)
• The ETTW General Assembly decides on memberships in its meeting (the next meeting is on November 7, 2014) or by written procedure

How can you become an informal and temporary candidate member?

• By sending us a mail or a letter – and we will reply and do the necessary very quickly
• It will give you access to most of our services, incl. meetings and consultations, for a limited time
• Our aim is as soon as possible to have active members in all European countries described above. This is a win-win situation for everybody. And it gives us all maximum influence and credibility in all European and international institutions and other partners we work with.

Niels Jørgen Thøgersen
President of ETTW – Les Européens dans le Monde