Member Service


What we can/should offer our member organizations (real added value for them)

  1. Our main tasks: to work closely with the European institutions and to serve our member organisations
  1. 2.      Make systematic early warning on what happens in the EU in relation to citizens  (by electronic newsletter, tweets, LinkedIn, Facebook,  website – all in a coordinated coordination). This should also as soon as possible cover other institutions like the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the OECD in Paris and others


  1. 3.      Produce and disseminate regular Media Reports from the European press on issues of interest to expatriats


  1. 4.      Write and disseminate operational reports on EU decisions and initiatives (+ Council of Europe, OECD, etc.)


  1. 5.      Lobby all EU institutions etc. on our priorities (incl. contributions from our member organizations)


  1. 6.      Represent us all at relevant conferences, seminars, colloques, etc.


  1. 7.      Provide important background information, studies, etc. from many sources (such as EUDO in Firenze,  the 1500 Jean Monnet professor network, Think Tanks, EUROSTAT, etc.)


  1. 8.      Assist in identifying speakers and participants in the EU for conferences and other events which our member organizations are involved in


  1. 9.      Advicing on study visits to the EU institutions (make contact to the Visits Units)


  1. 10.  Organise active sharing of Best Practices between member organizations. This is already to some extent done with success between our Nordic member organisations


  1. 11.  Provide financial means for our joint operations, initiatives and events


  1. 12.   Work with the European and international media  on our priorities (TV, radio, web media and the written press).  Involve the European Journalism Centre in Maastricht to include our priorities in their training programmes for journalists from all over Europe and beyond.  A special attention to be given to the cross-border media such as Euronews, Euradio, PressEurop, etc.  And make active use of the existing electronic media monitoring  EMM  ( Europe Media Monitor) – geared to our special needs and priorities.




  1. 13.   Work with the network of European Schools to stimulate the creation of similar schools all over Europe (to special benefit of the children of expats). This will facilitate the movements of expats, as the needs for appropriate schools will be looked after  (like in Copenhagen from August 2014)


  1. 14.   Take initiatives to concrete, operational studies and pilot projects to promote electronic voting, also across borders.




Niels Jørgen Thøgersen

President of ETTW


LinkedIn:  Group:  Europeans Throughout the World

Facebook:  Group:  Europeans Throughout the World

Twitter:  @euromonde1


February 10, 2014