Europeans Throughout The World (ETTW) was established in 1984 as an international nonprofit federation to promote cooperation among associations of European expatriates within or outside the EU.

ETTW brings together associations of nationals and individual nationals of member countries of the EU, EFTA and the EEA residing in a country other than the one of which they are citizens. We have the following membership categories: full members, associate members and individual members.

Our current membership consists of 21 such associations (see ‘Members’) and a number of individual members.

Member associations may be national, regional or pursuing specific goals in line with those of our association (see ‘About Us’)

The General Assembly, which meets twice per year, admits full and associate member organizations based on a description of their goals and activities

Do you, or does your organization, wish to join, please let us have a mail from you indicating the name and status of your organisation.

We will be glad to hear from you!

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