Our Board Members

At the General Assemblies on the 15th November 2013 and 7 November 2014 in Brussels, a new Board  was elected. The Members of the Board are:

President: Niels Jørgen THØGERSEN, Danes Worldwide

Secretary General: Marie-Claude HAYOIT de TERMICOURT – Belgium

Deputy Secretary General: George VLACHOPOULOS – World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE)

Treasurer: Giuseppe Rosin – C.I.M-Belgio, Italy

Vice Presidents:

Aldis AUSTERS, European Latvian Association

Anne Marie DALGAARD, Danes Worldwide

Karine HENROTTE-FORSBERG, Swedes Worldwide

Bernard MIS, Mission Laïque Française

Paula SELENIUS, Finnish Society Abroad

Raymond XERRI, Council for Maltese Living Abroad


Karin Engbom-Palmquist, Swedes Worldwide

Steen ILLEBORG, Danes Worldwide


Ylva TIVÉUS, Swedes Worldwide

Tony VENABLES, Association for the Rights of Britons Abroad

Special Delegates: 

Ria HEREMANS – VAN ELSLANDE, Vlamingen in de Wereld

Nicholas NEWMAN, Association for the Rights of Britons Abroad

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