Our Board Members

ETTW is administered by a Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly, ‘The Board’.
In the present mandate period – 2019 – 2023 – The Board has the following members:


Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ (please click here to see the biography of our president )

For more information about his nomination please read here

Secretary-General: Steen ILLEBORG, Denmark

Deputy Secretary-General: Marie-Claude HAYOIT de TERMICOURT,  Belgium

Treasurer: Koen VAN der SCHAEGHE,  Vlamingen in de Wereld (ViW)

Anne-Marie DALGAARD,  Danes Worldwide

Karin ENGBOM-PALMQUIST,  Swedes Worldwide

Karine HENROTTE-FORSBERG,  Swedes Worldwide

Ria HEREMANS – VAN ELSLANDE,  Vlamingen in de Wereld (ViW), Belgium

Greet ICKX,  Vlamingen in de Wereld (ViW), Belgium

José-Manuel MEAURIO,  Basque Community Abroad

Bernard MIS,  Mission Laïque Français

Nicholas NEWMAN,  Association for the Rights of Britons Abroad

Paschalis PAPACHRISTOPOULOS, World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE)

Giuseppe ROSIN,  Confederazione Italiana Nel Mondo (CIM)

Lone SKRIVER,  Danes Worldwide

Tina STRANDBERG,  Finnish Society Abroad

Ylva TIVÉUS,  Swedes Worldwide

Asier VALLEJO ITASO,  Basque Community Abroad

Tony VENABLES,  Association for the Rights of Britons Abroad

George VLACHOPOULOS, World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE)

Ilze ZILGALVIS:  European Latvian Association

Responsible for the Secretariat: Marie-Claude HAYOIT de TERMICOURT and Steen ILLEBORG, Belgium