Dear Visitor,

It is a pleasure to welcome you on the website of Europeans Throughout The World.

Our organization was set up in 1984 to speak out for the rights of European expatriates and diasporas. Our reality as citizens living in another country is often unknown, if not sometimes caricatured. We are ordinary people who happen to live abroad. Some of us were born outside of our respective countries, others chose to leave for a variety of reasons: professional, personal or even political.

More than 60 million European citizens live in a country that is not theirs. And 15 million of them live in one of the other 27 EU Member States. Beyond our individual stories and nationalities, what we have in common is mobility and its many challenges. We have chosen to pull our experience together in order to promote the interests of mobile European citizens and advocate for a far-reaching coordination of Europeans expatriates policies.

Europeans Throughout The World is a federation of associations of European expatriates and diasporas. We also have individual members. What we strive for is to:

  • Ensure democratic rights for all European expatriates, especially the right to vote and the right to be represented in national parliaments;
  • Guarantee equality of treatment for all European expatriates with nationals of countries of origin and of countries of destination;
  • Improve assistance to European expatriates, especially on consular protection, recognition of diploma, social security, pensions and native language training.

Our website offers concrete information on the actions that our members and our organization undertake to meet these objectives. The same is true of our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We hope that you will find them useful. Feel free to reach out to us with questions, suggestions and criticisms. Continuous improvement is part of our ambitious value proposition to carry the voice of mobile European citizens the best possible way.

Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’, President of Europeans Throughout The World