Dear Visitor,

I would like to welcome you to our new website.

Our organisation, Europeans ThroughoutThe World (ETTW) celebrates its 33 year anniversary this year, a great occasion to move into the age of mobility – not only for European expatriates  but also for our website.

As more than 60 % of all searches on the internet today come from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) we want to become easy of reach for everybody.

ETTW was established in 1984 as an international nonprofit federation to promote cooperation among associations of European expatriates within or outside the EU.

We work in order to:

  • Ensure democratic rights for all European citizens wherever they live
  • Make sure that mobile European citizens have the same rights as the citizens of receiving countries
  • Improve assistance to European citizens everywhere – consular assistance; native language training; mutual recognition of diplomas; right to receive pensions where they decide to live; equal business opportunities
  • Obtain similar rights for mobile European citizens as for resident citizens in receiving countries

This website together with our Facebook and Twitter pages are our means of communication with you. We hope you will find them useful and up-to-date.
Our ambition is that by following us you will at all times be well informed about everything of importance to European expats.
And we will be happy to hear from you with comments, suggestions and questions.

Dr. Raymond C. Xerri
President of ETTW